Crafting compelling content that builds connections and charms money right outta their pockets.

Hi! I’m Allison. I'm here to help you sell the cr*p out of your stuff using gorgeous words.

Yes, I said GORGEOUS words. Because self-centered, spammy, shame-inducing copy feels real ick…especially when you’re using it to sell stuff. 

Ugh, as IF!

So, why choose me? I’ve got over 12 years of conversion copywriting experience under my bonnet. Not to mention 10 years of marketing experience and 6 years of experience creating killer content strategies that help female-run businesses explode all over the interwebs.

In my spare time, I’m the successful self-published author of eleven books including a chick-lit mystery series and a women’s fiction that made my black-hearted best friend ugly cry. And if that’s not praise, what is?

Also, my three dogs frequent my Zoom calls with customers.

Occasionally, my 5-year-old pops in to give clients the 3rd degree.

But that’s my life as I’ve designed it, and personally, I can’t imagine anything better.

Are you launching a product, service, or self-published work? Been there, done it hundreds of times, and I have the package that’ll help you knock it out of Fenway.

Website need a refresh? Do you require nurturing content for your email list? Or maybe you want an incredible sales page written for your crown jewel offer. Let’s talk.

Want to know the marketing secrets behind generating a 4, 5, or 6-figure income online? Join the next cohort of Abundance, my marketing mastermind for women who want to refine their offers, align their content strategy, and design a joyful, easy, scaleable online business model.

Wish you were a better copywriter because you create all your own content? Then check out my course, Copy Mechanic.

Need a good book to settle in with this weekend? I’ve written 11! 

And of course, you can always find tons of free advice and fun stuff via my social media channels.

Writing Services

Your upcoming launch requires an experienced content strategist plus outstanding copy your readers will want to print out and roll around on top of. Let’s do it.

From launch strategy to covering pesky details like categories, keywords, and writing promotional content, this package has your self-published book covered. 

Whether you’re launching a brand new site or giving your existing one a Chip and Joanna Gaines-level makeover, let’s ensure your content shines.

Nurturing your email list can be a real PITA. Let me hammer out the content that’ll have them falling madly in love with you, so you can focus your energy on aspects of your business you actually like.


Case studies, video scripts, and sales pages…oh my! No matter what copy assets you need, I’ll get it written in a way that sounds authentic and feels compelling to your readers.

From an email list that isn’t performing to designing a year-long content strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives, let’s get you excited about the future of your business!

Allison Janda with dogs


A marketing mastermind for women in business who want to refine their offers, align their content, and design an easy, joyful, and scaleable business model in only 6-weeks. 

Discover dozens of simple tweaks you can make to your sales pages and email copy. In one afternoon, you’ll have these assets performing better than ever.

Over 80+ pages of plug-and-play email templates your business needs to become scaleable. From welcome sequences to cold email scripts, you’ll find it all here.

Discover all eleven books currently available through Amazon. From chick-lit to mysteries, to thrillers, I have your quiet weekend or beach bum read covered.

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