top of funnel meaning

Top of Funnel Meaning

Let’s talk top of funnel meaning! This is the widest point of your funnel, where all of your leads initially come in. Some of these leads will be qualified leads–that is, leads aligned with what it is that you are trying to sell. These are the people who are most likely to move further down into your funnel until they finally make a purchase. But how do you get them to come into your funnel in the first place? Let’s talk about it as well as the top of funnel meaning! In addition to qualified leads at the top of your funnel, you’ll get a LOT of unqualified leads. These people won’t […]

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ladder marketing strategy

What is a ladder marketing strategy?

Let us talk about a marketing concept that truly blows minds! It’s the ladder marketing strategy and you won’t believe how simple it can be. Maybe on some level, they knew that it existed, but they didn’t actually apply it to their business. And then once they learned about it, and they started applying it, it’s CRAZY how quickly their business can change RE: growth! Okay, so the concept that we’re going to talk about is the ladder marketing strategy! Ladder marketing is set up to sell things in your business. It’s

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