Book Your Go-To Marketing Gal for 2024!

Have an on-call marketer, content strategist, and copywriter for your business in 2024! 

Limited spaces available. 

Connect with me to learn more.

2024 is coming up fast...

If you’re like any business, you know that NOW is the time to start planning out your marketing, your content, and your new products and services.

And not only that! You need a clear, consistent content roadmap to ensure your customers and new followers want to devour all of it.

Which means blogging, social media creation, new opt-ins, website updates, creating new sales pages, nurturing your email list, and on and on.

So, if you’re an expert in your field but you’re feeling:

A) Overwhelmed by the complexities of modern marketing

B) Too engrossed in the day-to-day needs of your business operations to really give marketing and content and growth strategy the time it deserves


New Level of Business Success Unlocked!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a professional marketer, copywriter, and content strategist available to you whenever you needed her?

For 2024, I’m offering three clients the opportunity to work with me in this incredible capacity.

My brain and creative prowess are yours for 30 hours every single month of 2024. 

Planning. Strategizing. Creating. Writing. Backend marketing. A/B Testing. 

If you have ideas or specific needs, you share them and we get them done.

Or if you’re not sure how to fill your 30 hours each month, you can set me loose to fill all the gaps I can find from a marketing, content, and strategy perspective.


Special Offer!

Sign up before the end of November and you’ll get 30 hours which can be used in December 2023—FREE!

**Pay in full or month-to-month offers available

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