Hire a copywriter on retainer

Consistently connect with your audience for one low monthly fee.

Big business energy for less $$$$

In the corporate world, HR says that my brain (filled with all things marketing, content strategy, copywriting, and SEO optimization) is currently worth around $130k/year + benefits.

But out here in the wilds of the internet, I like to make things MUCH more approachable for heart-centered businesses like yours.

With my copywriter on retainer services, you get consistent marketing, SEO, copywriting and content strategy month-to-month at an affordable rate.

Have a reliable copywriter on retainer

Copywriting is required for lots of projects.
But finding a great copywriter who also understands big picture strategy and is comfortable doing ALL the strategizing, SEO-ing, and marketing-related things isn’t easy.
Or rather, it wasn’t until now.
With a copywriter on retainer, you’ll get ANY copy you desire created for you in as little as 1-3 business days. No more frustration around last-minute needs, shifting priorities, or missed deadlines.
Using your favorite project management software (or mine!) you can assign me to specific requests that I’ll get started on within 24 hours. 

Enjoy the perks of an in-house writer for a third of the cost.

Being able to write copy is not the same thing as writing copy WELL.

Many businesses keep riding the struggle bus because they haven’t mastered the art of writing words that sell.

But when you have a copywriter on retainer, those days are over!

Get all the benefits of having a writing pro (who knows SEO) with 15+ years of marketing-related experience while still benefitting from flexibility and cost. Enjoy:


Unlimited Requests

With no set hours to constrain you, add as many copy requests to our shared project management software as are needed each month. Copy requests are handled one at a time. Copy for that request must be approved by the client before a new request can be started.

Fast Turnaround

In most cases, you will get a first draft of your copy request completed within 1-3 business days.

Unlimited Revisions

You make the final call—copy isn’t complete until you’re 100% satisfied!

Flexibility = Freedom

No “you’re stuck with me” stuff here. You can pause or cancel your retainer with 30 days’ notice at any time. 

Set Rates

You’ll know what to budget each month because your retainer amount doesn’t change. No surprise fees. No tipping screens that make your palms sweat.

Total Brand Consistency

Sound the same everywhere you post copy—social media platforms, email campaigns, your website, advertisements, and beyond.

Unlimited Email Support

Connect with me via email at any time regarding your copy questions.

Building Connections Through Relationships

Absolutely no outsourced work or AI copywriting. It’s all me, all the time.

Unlimited Copywriter & Content Strategist Retainer

Flat-rate pricing. Unlimited support. Pause at any time.
$ 5000 Monthly
  • At my hourly freelance rate of $100/hour this breaks down to about 13 hours per week
  • Unlimited copywriting requests
  • Content strategy, marketing, and copywriting services
  • Unlimited email support
  • Pause or cancel at any time
“Allison has been great to work with. Not only is she prompt and responsive, but she has gone above and beyond to check in on the performance of the copywriting she provided and give useful feedback for how to make changes and adjustments moving forward. She easily adapted our brand voice and I love how she explained her reasoning for implementing certain strategies!”
Amanda Guarniere
The Resume RX

FAQs RE: having a copywriter on retainer

Q: What’s the investment?
A: Currently, the investment for copywriter on retainer is $5000 per month which is due in full on the first day of each new month. 

Q: What do you mean by “copy request?”
A: Rather than asking me to write a single social media post or blog, you’ll want to consider them almost like a package. So, a request might look like, “3 social media posts for next week” or “4 blogs for the month of May” or “an email sequence for X product” or “copy for one lead magnet” or “3-5 versions of an ad.” Don’t worry, I will lead the way and ensure we have a good start. Soon, you’ll be a copy request PRO!

Q: Who is writing my content?
A: Me! I don’t outsource and I don’t use AI beyond idea generation. Everything is written (or typed, rather) by human hands.

Q: Do you limit the amount of copy you write for me?
A: No, you get unlimited copy requests. Requests are completed one at a time. As the copy is approved for one project, I’ll get started on the next one. You get to prioritize your copy needs and those priorities can change as often as is needed.
Q: How do I make a request?
A: We can use your existing project management software or I can add you to mine. From there, requesting a copy need is as simple as filling out the creative request. You will always have access to your requests so you can re-prioritize as needed.
Q: Can I get a refund if I decide I don’t need this service?
A: Due to the limited availability of this service, requests for refunds cannot be made. That said, if the service is not a fit we can put your retainer toward a different service that is better aligned for your business.
Q: How is a retainer different from Buy My Day?
A: Buy My Day is for one-off (and often pressing) copywriting needs. Retainers are for clients who have consistent, ongoing writing, strategy, and marketing needs. They’re ready to hire help but don’t desire a traditional, expensive agency where they’re seen as a mere dollar sign. Retainer clients desire long-term trust and building strong relationships.
Q: What if I only need help with one or two copywriting projects?
A: Check out Buy My Day!


I know a copywriter on retainer can feel like a major investment for you. Maybe this is even the first "big hire" you've considered! In which case...I'm honored.

Here's the thing: It needs to be a “HELL YES” for both of us. So, if you're feeling unsure about this investment, will you do me a favor and connect with me? I promise to not steer you wrong on this one.

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