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Get 80+ pages of fill-in-the-blank email sequence templates that act as a 24/7 sales rockstar for your online business.

** Instantly available upon purchase. No refunds.

Imagine the possibilities...

…if you had a 24/7 rockstar sales rep working to earn you $$$ day and night.

A sales rep that never got tired, called in sick, or quit unexpectedly.

How would it feel to know you had someone as dedicated to your business as YOU are.

Many online business owners recognize the importance of being available to their potential customers and responding quickly.

The problem is, they don’t have the time to do it.

And their sales suffer for it.

Maybe this is you. 

In reality NO ONE you admire currently running a successful online business has time to nurture every potential customer 1:1.

Which is why automation exists.

And automated email sequences—that is, email sequences triggered by a specific action taken by your potential customer—are an excellent way to make prospects feel valued.

It’s as if you had an incredible, warm, inviting salesperson instantly nurturing leads along their customer journey.

And it’s these leads—the ones who feel appreciated and SEEN— that purchase from you.

Giving you access to long-term financial success.

That’s where the Inbox Magic Template Bundle comes into play.

What is an email template bundle?

Ohhh, I LOVE this question. An email template is pre-written content that you can send out via your email platform to new and existing subscribers. It serves to educate and nurture subscribers about your products and services. Because while most of the content has been created by a professional copywriter (that’s me!) there are also places where you can “fill in the blank” so to speak with info like your company name or language about your ideal customer.

See, there is a LOT of automated email content that your business needs to create in order to be successful digitally: welcome sequences, launch sequences, referral requests, cold outreach…the list goes on. 

Writing all of that YOURSELF can be a daunting prospect.

An email template ensures all that copy is already written. So, all you have to do is make small tweaks (like inset the name of your company where the template says <Business Name>) and upload it to your email platform.

How is an email template bundle different than free resources on Google?

Valid question.

The email templates you find in Inbox Magic are written by a professional copywriter and email marketer (me!) 

Second, they’re adapted from email marketing content that has worked—for myself and my clients. We’re talking content that has generated thousands to millions in revenue. You won’t find that for free on Google. And you can’t get that level of goods with AI. Period.

Finally, you get access to EVERY email template your online business could ever need with Inbox Magic, complete with directions on how to use it. Because let’s face it: We don’t know what we don’t know. You might know you need an email welcome sequence or you might know that you need to be proactive in sending referral emails.

But what does that mean? 

What writing elements need to be included for your email to be successful?

Which ones SHOULDN’T you include (that everyone else does)?

What OTHER email templates do you need to support your welcome sequence or your cold outreach?

How do you write subject lines that’ll get opened?

You can find it all out for free, if you know what to ask Google and spend ample hours researching.

Or you can download Inbox Magic for $37 and have instant keys to the email marketing automation kingdom,

The Inbox Magic Template Bundle includes:

  • 7 email templates your business MUST HAVE if you like to make money while you sleep
  • Multiple email templates to choose from (all in one purchase!)
  • Overviews of how each email template fits into your business
  • Prompts for how to use each email template
  • Multiple subject lines for A/B testing
  • 20+ BONUS subject lines

Whether you are new to online business or you need to strengthen your email marketing foundation, Inbox Magic the ONE email templates solution that will make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Inside this email template bundle you'll have access to...

…An abandoned cart sequence that nabbed over 50k in sales

…A welcome sequence that helped generated $5M in revenue in 3 years

…Referral and cold outreach scripts that have snagged me dozens of new clients and earned me hundreds of thousands in revenue

And with every email template comes the opportunity to infuse your own…



…Industry knowledge

So that the email content your audience receives is always one-of-a-kind!

How to use your templates

1. Complete your order

2. Check your email for access to the template bundle.

3. Read the instructions and choose your first  template.

4. Edit the template with your own information.

5. Save your copy and upload it to your email platform.

6. Set triggers that apply to your sequence.

7. Start connecting with new customers quickly.

Templates included in Inbox Magic

Welcome sequences

  • For new email subscribers

Abandoned cart sequences

  • For when someone doesn’t complete a purchase

Scrub sequences

  • Ensuring your email list stays healthy

Launch sequences

  • For both evergreen products/services and temporary ones

Follow up sequences

  • Send follow-ups in a way that actually generates a response from your intended

Social selling sequence

  • To effectively reach out to cold prospects via social media or email

New Client, Referral and Testimonial Outreach

  • Connect with people you know (and people you don’t know YET) to gain new business or social proof, fast (and without feelings of ick.)

You already know...

…great email copy is like having a sales superstar working for you 24/7.

It hooks leads, makes them wanna be your bestie, and gets them to buy everything you sell.

In other words, it’s the FIRST STEP to making all your wildest dreams come true.

Dreams like:
– Raving fans replying to your emails, telling you how much they LOOK FORWARD to seeing your name pop up in their inbox
– No longer double-checking your bank account before you buy that latte or the more expensive chocolate at the grocery store
– Spending more time with your friends, partner, kids, or dogs
– Paying for something BIG (a new car, downpayment on a house, a trip to paradise) in cash because there are SO MANY ZEROS in your bank account now

Or maybe it’s a completely different dream. But whatever it is, it all starts with effective selling.

Which begins with having the right email templates for your business.

Written with magnetic copy.

Who these templates are for:

If you provide a SERVICE these templates are for you.

​If you’re a PRODUCT-based business you will find these templates useful, but you may need to make some additional tweaks for them to apply.

Ask for more information about Inbox Magic or submit your project below.

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