Time Is Running Out! & Email Sequence Examples

The “Time is running out” email.

What is it and WHY is it so important?

Let’s talk about it.

What I mean by “Time is running out” email is the final email that appears in a sales sequence. Sometimes you might run two or three of these emails on the same day to really hit your point home.

Subject lines for these emails are usually along the lines of, “{Hurry!} Sale Ends in 3 Hours” or “Time Is Running Out to Get “X!””

Based on my years of experience, these tend to be the emails that generate the most sales.

In fact, about 80% of my clients report that their highest selling day in a product or service launch sequence comes the day they send these “Time is Running Out” emails!

Running a launch soon? Think about sending 2-3 of these types of emails on the last day you’re running your special.

For example, send one in the morning, send one midday and your last one about 30 minutes or an hour before your cart closes. You are not bothering people with a reminder. Sending multiple emails on the last day of something is nothing to feel badly about. If they don’t want it, they won’t open your email—it really is that simple.

Take it from someone who could benefit from having an additional 12 hours in each and every single day…a reminder that time is running out for me to take advantage of your thing is essential when you want me to purchase it.

You might be wishing for some email template examples for these important emails. See below for a one-off email template example you can use in your upcoming sequence.

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Email Sequence Templates

Subject: {Cart Closing ⏰} Don’t pass this up!

Preview: This really is it! Get it before it’s gone.


You like keeping it close to the vest, hmm?

You’re waiting until the VERY last second to decide if <PRODUCT NAME> is right for you?

Well…time is suddenly in very short supply.

Because the doors for <PRODUCT NAME> are closing in 30 minutes.

Get it here <link> before you forget.

I’ll see you inside.


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