Email Content in a Box

Fun, playful content that keeps your subscribers engaged

Let’s face facts—successful businesses are highly engaged with their email lists.

But most of them also have HELP when it comes to email marketing.

Because when you’re busy running your own business and wearing all the hats (sometimes all at once) hammering out heaps of new content isn’t exactly a priority. Not to mention, writing so much is kind of a drag on your energy.

And maybe it has gotten to the point where (gulp) you don’t even DO it anymore.

Hey! There’s no shame in that game, sister. I’ve been there!

That said, an email list (no matter what size it is) is one of the most (if not THE most) powerful assets your business can own. Because, unlike social media platforms, your email subscribers can see everything you share with them. 

So, regularly making feel-good connections with your list is key to more clients, more income, and making all your badass business dreams of growth come to fruition.

3 things you miss out on when your email list isn't engaged:

1. $$$$$
The lower your open and conversion rates are, the less money your business makes. BOO!

2. Power
Customers that love you endlessly are GOLD and will lavish you with referrals. But if you’re not consistent in your engagement with loyal followers the whole engine stops running.

3. Connection
Your email list is digital real estate! You OWN it. Unlike your social media platforms that will send you to internet jail or consistently change their algorithms. Through email you can consistently, reliably, and effectively reach and connect with your audience.

Bottom line: If you aren’t regularly reaching out to your email list in a fun, playful way you’re leaving SO MUCH MONEY on the table!

Here's what Email Content in a Box includes:

  • 90-minute story download call
  • Helpful personality questionnaire
  • 4, 8, or 12 weeks of ready-to-send nurturing email content

**Have an email list with low engagement or that hasn’t been contacted in a while? Tack on an a la carte strategy session!

That is what I need! How does it work?

I’m glad you asked! I’ll take any excuse for a breakdown (of detail, not mentally)

We hop on the phone for a 15-min discovery call to make sure we’re simpatico.

You fill out the personality questionnaire (it’s easy!)

We hop on a 90-minute story download call to get to the heart of your business, brand, and general voice.

Within 7 BUSINESS DAYS following our call, you’ll receive your emails for initial review.

You get one round of really, really ridiculously good-looking revisions.

You schedule out all the new content and welcome LOTS of new business!

Now, let's talk investment

Website in a Box packages start at $997

Following our 90-minute consultation call, you’re only ONE WEEK away from having fun, engaging, irresistible email content that your list will LOVE!

Tell me more about your project. I can't wait to connect!

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