Copy Mechanic

A conversion copywriting course

You’re not sure what needs to change with your copy…

…but you know it’s not “there yet.”

Thing is, you’ve been tinkering with it for days…weeks…maybe even months!

And you’re starting to wonder if it’ll EVER sound right.

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Inside, we break down three REAL headlines, word by word. What works. What doesn't. Why. And how to apply these universal tweaks to YOUR headlines.

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    Many online business owners recognize the importance of great sales page and email copy...

    …the problem is, they don’t know how to write it.

    Because they aren’t copywriters!

    Maybe this is even you. 

    Many online business owners make this mistake of thinking that because they CAN write their own copy, that they should.

    But writing great conversion copy takes a lot of knowledge that most people simply don’t have.

    And that’s what Copy Mechanic will teach you regarding your sales pages, daily emails, and email sequences!

    It’s the conversion copywriting course that anyone with a digital sales presence can benefit from!

    Quick Copy Tune-Up

    In this easy-to-digest conversion copywriting course, you’ll hear (and see) the small but crucial tweaks that make all the difference to your finished sales page or email copy.

    New word here.
    Delete a phrase there.
    Shine up the dull bits.
    Find out exactly what to change.
    And what to leave alone.
    Become the professional copywriter your business needs.

    Hear in-depth instructions for your sales pages and emails…

    …with advice that applies to any copy you have your hand in.

    Discover the:

    • Easy-to-follow framework that results in outstanding headlines every single time.
    • Big secret behind the “real” job of your subhead.
    • “Fun” approach you’re taking with your CTA…that is causing people to not buy.
    • One simple word proven to increase email open rates by up to 40%
    • Biggest mistake you can make with preview text
    • Simplest, easiest, least difficult approach to ensuring your audience is captivated by every line of your email or sales page
    • Way you can instantly win the hearts (and wallets) of your target audience
    PLUS, to ensure you’re “doing it right” I’ve included examples, helpful questions that’ll have you double-checking your work naturally, and a whole lot more. This conversion copywriting course has it all!

    You in?

    If you’re not a professional copywriter…

    …but you’re hellbent on writing your own copy, then Copy Mechanic is for you.

    It’s filled with tricks PROFESSIONAL COPYWRITERS USE when editing a client’s copy.

    So you can stop tinkering with your copy, trying to get it to work.

    The videos inside this course will tell you EXACTLY why your sales page, daily email, and email sequence copy isn’t working.

    That headline that has been bugging you for WEEKS?


    The copy that doesn’t quite SOUND like you?

    Suddenly on point!

    A few small tweaks and suddenly, it’s like a whole new email or sales page!

    I know you think you need to delete it and start over.


    You only need to understand what needs to change—and the WHY.

    Which is what you learn inside Copy Mechanic.

    Don't Want to Make the Tweaks Yourself?

    Hire me for a day with Buy My Day or hire me on a monthly retainer for larger scale copywriting projects!

    Ask for more information about Copy Mechanic or connect with me now.

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