Book Promo in a Box

You’ve done it! You wrote a book. Now it’s ready to be released out into the wilds of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and beyond!

The only problem is…you have no idea how self-publishing works.

And why should you? It’s not like you’ve actually DONE this before.

But don’t you worry…Allison is here. And Boo, I’ve got you.

I've personally self-published eleven books

Over half of them have been Amazon bestsellers and combined, they boast thousands of reviews and nearly a 1/2 million in sales. 

I’ve also ghostwritten and launched a half dozen additional books, plus walked dozens of self-published authors through the publishing process.

And now? It’s your turn.

Here's what Book Promo in a Box can include:

  • 90-minute strategy call

  • Uploading your finished product to various platforms

  • Written book description
  • Opt-in asset creation
  • Opt-in page + thank you page
  • Opt-in email sequence (3-5 emails)
  • Social posts (x3, copy only)
  • Ads (x3, copy only)
  • Keyword research (10 keywords total)
  • Category research (3 categories total)
  • Author bio
  • Book promotion (one date)

*All packages include a 30-minute “as needed” call, and one round of edits to written assets.

That is what I need! How does it work?

I’m glad you asked! I’ll take any excuse for a breakdown (of detail, not mentally)

We hop on the phone for a 15-min discovery call to make sure we’re simpatico.

You fill out my easy-peasy lemon-squeezy book promo questionnaire.

We hop on our 90-minute strategy call and come up with a personalized launch plan designed specifically for YOU.

All the behind-the-scenes magic happens and you’re delivered drafts of all written and research assets within 7 BIZ DAYS. (Some exceptions…naturally.)

Once all assets are approved and a promo date is agreed upon, your book goes LIVE!

You’re a published author making passive income.

Now, let's talk investment

Book Promo in a Box packages start at $2997

Don’t let your written work sit stagnant in your Google drive. That baby deserves to see screen time! With this package, you’re only 10 days away from boasting about being a published author.

Need more help with your book? I can also…

  • Help with cover design
  • Format your book for uploading to KDP and other platforms
  • Create a long-term strategy around selling your book and gaining reviews

Tell me more about your project. I can't wait to connect!

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