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Promote your self-published book like a pro so you can find your biggest fans and earn a living based on your writing.

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      "You are not prepared for the sheer amount of knowledge Allison drops around self publishing and how to market yourself as an author. She’s so generous and an absolute gem to the writing community. "
      - Abby F.

      Is This Your Current Reality as a Self-Published Author?

      You’re so proud of the book you wrote. There it is, available on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

      But it doesn’t seem to be…selling.

      Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by how to market yourself outside of a few posts on social media. 

      Or you’re unsure as to how to build and nurture a list of readers.

      I answer your most pressing questions about marketing yourself as a self-published author PLUS a whole lot more questions you haven’t even asked yourself yet.

      This course is exactly what you need when you have your eyes on earning a living as a self-published author.

      The Key to Earning Income as An Author

      Writing your book took a lot of work. And you have high hopes for it. But marketing self-published work can feel daunting, especially when you have a full-time job, kids, and varying other responsibilities—not to mention, you’re NOT a marketer!

      Yet knowing how to market yourself is the ONLY way you’ll earn income as a self-published author.

      This doesn’t mean you need to put out a bunch of video content.

      Or spend insane amounts of money on ads.

      But like it or not, being a successful author in today’s marketplace means your books are a BUSINESS.

      The good news is that it’s not a difficult business to be in as long as you know how to properly market yourself as an author.

      When you download Book Marketing Basics, you’ll gain the guidance and expertise you need to lay the groundwork for becoming known as an author. 

      This foundation will serve you well as your readership grows, ensuring you are able to make a living off of nothing more than writing books!

      By the end of our time together, you’ll emerge confident, with the marketing know-how in hand that maximizes your chances of earning a living as a self-published author. 

      "I have always wanted to be able to call myself a bestselling author. After implementing the formula Allison includes in her course, I became one! "
      Anne S.

      I've Been Self-Publishing Since 2014

      And you’d best believe I know this industry from cover to cover. 

      Over the past several years, I’ve made enough money through self-publishing that I was comfortable quitting my day job so I could write full-time.

      What it really came down to was knowing how to market myself.

      Not through overly complicated, expensive routes like figuring out Facebook Ads.

      But through knowing the basics.

      Self-publishing has incredibly low overhead costs when done correctly. So, when done well it can make you a very nice profit!

      In Book Marketing Basics, you learn, step-by-step, how to market yourself as an author. 

      From website creation and must-haves to how and where to promote yourself, you benefit from my ten years of experience by learning:

      • Fast, easy ways to get your books into the hands of millions of potential readers (even when you don’t have an email list)
      • Website building basics (and what every author should include on theirs)
      • The secret online community you MUST know when you want a steady stream of readers
      •  One website that makes ALL the difference in helping you build your email list

      Here's What We Cover

      1. Setting up your website, mailing list, and more.

      2. Who to know in self-publishing (and how to find them.)

      3. Social media musts for promotions.

      4. Choosing the right keywords and categories.

      5. Promotional opportunities including step-by-step how to reach that coveted #1 spot on Amazon.

      6. Growing your fanbase.

      "When I published my first book, I was lucky if I sold one book per week. After I implemented some of Allison’s ideas, I’m steadily selling 5-10 books every week and my email list grows every month too!"
      Marie G.

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