Best Free Copywriting Tools

From templates to writing exercises, access a variety of freebies designed to help you successfully strategize your content, write stronger copy, and market your products or services.

Take What You Need

Scrub Sequence Template: Scrub sequences are used to help ensure your email list is high-performing. Instructions for use included with template.

Welcome Sequence Template: The first email you send has the highest open rate of any email, ever. Ensure yours covers all the bases and impresses new leads. Instructions for use included with template.

Write Better Headlines: eBook complete with writing exercises that will help you craft more compelling headlines for your website so you attract more attention from potential buyers.

Let’s Get Visible: Gain visibility for your business without using your face or voice. Perfect for introverts (and the extroverted friends that want to understand how to support them!)

Subject Line Starter Pack: Ensure your email marketing thrills subscribers with these 25 one-of-a-kind subject lines for every occasion.

Email Marketing Tracker: Use this “Good, Better, Best” model to ensure your open and click rates are on track for success through email marketing.

Ideal Customer Profile Template: Who is your ideal customer? What are their pain points? Why would they be drawn to your product or service? This template will help you outline your perfect customer, which will keep things like your messaging and marketing clear.

Case Study Template: Not sure how to create a case study to use for marketing purposes? This download will guide you through writing the perfect case study so you know what questions to ask and what information to seek in an interview with your client.

You Completed the First Draft of Your Manuscript—Now What?: There are a lot of steps between writing your manuscript and uploading your finalized book to Amazon for selling. But what are they? This guide is designed to help wannabe self-publishing authors go from their first ever finished manuscript to uploaded, sellable book.

Sex, Murder, & Killer Cupcakes: Book #1 in the Marian Moyer series. Get hooked on this curly-haired heroine who happens to be a crime scene photographer—she’s got a whole series of adventures!

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