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      Raise your hand if you...

      Work a boring 8-5 that requires you to come into the office every day—and you hate it.

      Miss recitals, games, or weekends at the park with your kid because your work schedule isn’t flexible.

      Want to do something else…

      You crave more autonomy over your life and your schedule.

      One that doesn’t require expensive degrees or a huge investment in order to get started.

      What if you could become a writer and get paid?

      Writing has crossed your mind as a way you could make money.

      After all, you only need a computer and your brain!

      But when you’ve always worked for someone else, starting your own business—even if it’s a side thing—can prove overwhelming.

      Where do you begin?

      What if you don’t have any portfolio pieces?

      How do you find clients when you have zero writing experience?

      I’ve met so many people over the years who have these exact same questions. So, I was inspired to create Become a Copywriter, an easy to follow course for professionals interested in becoming a content writer or becoming a freelance copywriter .

      And it covers all the basics like:

      • Creating your own website
      • Invoicing (how to & what to use)
      • Contracts (plus a template!)
      • Portfolios (even how to create one from scratch)
      • Pricing
      • The trick to finding clients when you’re new to town
      If you’ve ever thought about turning writing into a career, this is the course that will hold your hand in the early days. It walks you through answers and insights into your most pressing questions (Sole proprietorship? Corporation? S-Corp?!) and the things that maybe haven’t crossed your mind (business insurance?!) 

      Maybe you’re a healthcare worker looking for a fresh start in a new field where all your experience can be put to good use.

      Or you’re a lawyer looking to spend less time in an office and more time with the kiddos.

      This is the perfect course for you if you’ve EVER thought about starting a writing business—either as a side gig or a total income replacement.

      Ask for more information about this course or submit your question below.

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